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October 24, 2012 by jmendez14

Jay made some good points during the video about how a person isn’t defined as a “good person” by one single deed that they do but continuous work that helps out an individual or the community. Don’t think that one little thing makes a good person. A good person is a person who is always there to rely on and willing to the right thing even when no one else is. Along with that he mentioned that we all have imperfections but we never like to acknowledge them. Imperfections are a part of us and we must learn to accept them. If one embraces their imperfections then they’ll be able to grow as an effective leader. Coming from a small rural Georgian town there was/is not much diversity, so stereotypes about certain groups are used as jokes because there isn’t anybody from those groups who can take offense to it. Because of the lack of diversity that I experienced I had the tendency to associate certain groups with certain characteristics but by coming to Georgia State I have learned to stop associating certain groups with characteristics. For example in my town the majority of Caucasians were Republican so I assumed that if a person was Republican if they were Caucasian Southerners and at GSU though I have met many Southern Caucasian Democrats. I also haven’t had much interaction with the members of the LGBT community until now and stereotypes I used were that the women were “butch” and males were very flamboyant when in reality not all members of LGBT are.  By meeting people who belong to certain groups I am able to become more knowledge about the negative connotations of stereotypes and how stereotypes can be prejudice. Learning to understand certain groups and stop with the stereotyping can allow me to be a better effective leader.


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