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October 24, 2012 by kguzman707

   By engaging with our imperfections, we are able to become humble leaders. By being humble leaders, we can be more connected with those we are trying to set an example for. In the video, Jay’s comment about the belief that we must “be perfect in order to be good is an obstacle to dealing with your imperfections” holds truth. Perhaps sometimes we try too hard to be good and to be perfectly perfect and we don’t want to regard our imperfections when in fact recognizing that we are imperfect is what can lead to self-acceptance, humility, and more effective leadership. Jay also comments that “as we are all imperfect human beings there are thought processes and psychosocial mechanisms at work that cause us to have little pockets of prejudice or may lead us to act unkind to others without having the intention to do so”. I once read an article in my psychology class that claimed we are all biologically, even if its in a little corner of our brain, predisposed to prefer a lighter skinned person over a dark-skinned person. To me that was a surprise because I didn’t want to think of myself as a prejudiced person. It made me feel…mean and wrong. I realize, though, that I judge people from what they expose on the outside. I know I shouldn’t do it and activities like this in which we talk about prejudice and which inform about prejudice aim to generate self-awareness. Indeed, self-awareness they generate, but I still judge people by their exterior demeanor…and I don’t even want to. I think it’s beautiful, though, when you get to know a person whom you had assumptions about and you realize that hey, I never knew you were this funny or this kind or this hurt inside. That realization that breaks the wall of stereotypes, presumptions, and prejudices and reveals a fresh perspective is just awesome to me. I once thought that a girl in my 8th grade was not very smart because she still spoke with an accent, but then I got to know her and saw how her words held more depth than what they sounded like. She has been my best friend ever since. 


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