Perfectly Imperfect…

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October 23, 2012 by jmunoz4

I have always had a hard time embracing my imperfections. Since I can remember, I have always been a perfectionist and so I work hard until I am satisfied with what I have done. However, it is a burden or an obstacle at times to always try to get close to perfection. In a way it disables me to get better in the areas that I am pretty strong in. I have to continue understanding that no one is perfect and that everyone has imperfections. Instead of trying to focus on my imperfections, I should focus on my strengths. Embracing my imperfections will allow me to be a better and more understanding leader. In reality, no one wants to have a leader who seems “perfect” all the time because you will feel inferior and “not as good as them”. Imperfections make a person seem more human and more relatable. Thus, if I lead by embracing my imperfections, other people will be able to relate with me more. I should work on having the mentality of “embrace my imperfections or let them go and keep growing.”

I am ashamed to admit that before I came to Georgia State, I was really paranoid about getting robbed in the streets of downtown Atlanta by homeless people or by people who spend their day in the streets. I remember coming to downtown Atlanta in the summer and walking around in fear of all of the homeless people and the people sitting and standing in the streets, especially the African Americans. I would walk and hold my purse as close to me as I could when I saw a homeless person or someone who “looked” dangerous. Now I realize, who was I to judge someone as “dangerous” because of the way they looked? I don’t know them and I have not interacted with them so why am I judging them that way? Like I said, I am ashamed of this but there is no point in hiding it and denied the truth. By embracing my imperfection, I am able to work on changing my negative stereotype of homeless people, especially homeless African American people, into a more positive one.

This impacted my leadership style because it helped me become aware of the stereotypes and prejudice I had towards certain groups that I had little to no interaction with. As a leader, I am going to work with people who are very different from me and “my associated groups” but in order to be a good leader I have to keep an open mind. I have to try to get to know the person before assuming things and before making a judgment. I know I am not perfect but I will not let my imperfections get in the way of my success in leadership and on the rest of my life.


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