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October 23, 2012 by shernandez5

“The belief that you must be perfect to be good is an obstacle to being as good as you can be” this is something that Jay Smooth said in his speech that really got my attention. He adds, “when you believe that you must be perfect in order to be good you averse to recognize in your own inevitable imperfections.” What I think he means by this is that in order for us to grow and become a better person we must embrace our imperfections and learn to cope with who we are as human beings. My assumption is assured when he goes to say that, “it would make us better at being good if we could recognize that we’re not perfect and embrace that!”

Personally, an imperfection that I am learning to deal with at the moment is judging people too seriously based off of their first impressions. Since I started college I have encountered many new people and I have realized that I have only given a fraction of those people a chance to really get to know them. I have embraced the fact that I need to give people a chance more often and I am currently working on that. Now that I am aware of this flaw it is important to me as a person and as a leader to learn to manage this tendency and be more open minded of people who might not of had the greatest first impression with me. I have recognized that this impacts me as a leader because if I can’t get past the first impression of someone then it is going to be hard to reach out to people as well as other people might find it difficult to reach out to me.

For example, I have somewhat of a difficulty reaching out or befriending Caucasians. It is not because I don’t like them as a group, but because I have built an image of them as being stuck-up and self-centered from previous encounters with them. As a leader, I must learn to get past this stereotype I have created in my head and be more open to people as individuals, not judge them as a group. A successful and well-rounded leader in a community should be civil to everyone and that’s something I strive to do.


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