Rivers and Floods

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October 22, 2012 by natha17

In life you must learn to be a river, not a flood. A flood is destructive and out of control, a river has a general path to follow and specific destination. When you become a flood you find yourself committed to too many things all at once and not able to give your best in any single one. When you are a river you can focus on specific tasks that you know you are good at and even though they are few you can accomplish with greatness.  Sometimes I find myself saying yes to too many things and too many people; I like to be able to think of myself as super woman and be able to handle many tasks at once, but I find that when I do this I can become easily overwhelmed and don’t do as good a job as I could. One of my imperfections as a leader is sometimes losing sight of my general goal and trying to please too many people all at once. I need to learn to say no to some people and maybe refer them to others that can help them in what they need. I find that every chapter of my life I start I make the same mistake wanting to get involved in everything, but through the years I’ve learned to figure out little by little how to say no and concentrate on few things that I can do really well instead of I bunch that I can barely handle. This is a negative aspect of me as a leader and as a person in general because it makes me seem flaky. When I commit to something I like to give my all and my best, if I can’t do this due to other commitments then I know that I’m doing too much. Being aware of this helps me prioritize and get the things that I need to do for myself done and then serve others fully committed to them.


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