Week 7

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October 18, 2012 by ljimenez1

For this week’s blog, watch the following TedTalk video about prejudice and race:


One of the things that Jay talks about how being a good person isn’t a characteristic but a practice and how to get to get to this place we need to engage with our imperfections. How do you think engaging with your imperfections (prejudice or otherwise) will impact the kind of leader you will be?

Think about a group or an identity that you haven’t interacted with and some stereotypes that you have about them. How will this impact your ability to be a leader as well?

Here’s an example: When I started undergrad, I was talking with one of my friends about how I missed being able to go to church. She asked me what denomination I was and I answered Catholic. When she told me that she was also Catholic as well, I was shocked. The reason is that she was white and because of where I grew up the only people who went to my church were Hispanics and mass was only in Spanish.  I didn’t know that Catholicism was prevalent in other races as well. The few white students who went to my high school were all Jewish or Protestant so that was a stereotype I had about them. This impacted my leadership style because it helped me become aware of stereotypes I had about other groups that weren’t my own.


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