Yes to Affirmative Action

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October 17, 2012 by eli308

For society, affirmative action is necessary for the country to continue to diversify itself. I believe that affirmative action is also something that helps students that do not have the same resources as other schools, thus causing them not to have a high GPA or SAT scores. Affirmative action is a reassurance to many future college students that they are not blamed for not having the resources to help them prepare for higher education in the future.  Unfortunately, many districts that include several minority groups are viewed as not being able to receive the same resources as rich white people, so in this way, I believe that affirmative action is something that does help many to no feel as if they are being looked down on for the simple reason of not being Caucasian.


With all being said, I believe that if affirmative action would to be dismissed for being illegal, then the number of minorities that have been able to attend college at this point may lose it for future years to come. I believe that several scholarships that are race based right now may also be seeing as not being “equal” or other white people. If these scholarships are taken away from minorities, then many minorities will stop aspiring to continue education, which will drastically decrease the already low number of minorities attending college, especially Latinos. Many Latinos are already lacking the inspiration to pursue pose-secondary education, and if these race based scholarships are taken away from these students, then less Latinos will have the means to continue studying. These scholarships are to help them because they are in financial need. This decision would impact their life and future profoundly with possibly several negative outcomes from them. Even though I believe in equality, I also believe that many hirers today continue to discriminate many workers for their ethnicity. If this decision is continued, many workers may be in a more disadvantage because of their ethnicity and possibly the education that they have and was forced to have.


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