Standing on the fence….

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October 17, 2012 by chrystalferreira

As a Hispanic female, to take a full stance for or against Affirmative Action is extremely difficult for me to do, being that I am a double minority. Although Affirmative Actions does increase the representation of women and minorities in employment and education, I believe that it does not set a fair playing ground. I know, that others may not agree with me because Affirmative Action would do so much good for women and minorities, but I disagree with the basis of setting aside ONLY a specific number for theses minorities. See, the way I view things from my eighteen-year-old point of view, I shouldn’t get special treatment, or a one up on my competition just because I am a Latina woman. I completely understand that we do not live a perfect utopian society and we have not reached Martin Luther King Jr.’s wish for a man to be judged on the content of his character rather than the color of his skin, but if we did it would be completely rational to let the better-qualified man or woman hold the position.

Affirmative Action could increase the number of Latinos in higher education in the future, but again if there is ONLY a specific number of positions and available spots it will come to a plateau. Yes, there will be more Latinos in higher education, but if the number of other students increases the percentages will stay the same. We, as Latino students, are not only trying to make a difference in our community and within our culture, but among other cultures and communities. Now, I’m not saying that the amazing scholarship opportunities that are available to specific races are not a great way of focusing on students of certain races. But within each group, I think the most qualified students or the students that are seen to be the leaders of tomorrow should receive the benefits.

Maybe I’m just full of contradictions, but I’m young and still have a lot to learn.


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