Relying rather than acting

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October 17, 2012 by itsalexherrera

It’s well known that the USA has had a long history with discrimination towards minorities and women. In 1961 John F Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925 which made it illegal for employers to not hire potential employees based on any kind of discrimination, except for gender which came in Executive Order 11375. Through the passing of multiple legislation affirmative action changed from trying to avoid discrimination to utilizing it to “empower” the groups of people who were once “oppressed”

I believe that the current view of affirmative action has the right intentions in mind but the actions it causes are a step backwards for equality in employment, business, and college acceptance. It is quite common for a minority to be selected over a equally or greater qualified white, just for sake of obeying affirmative action and trying to be diverse. This is why I believe affirmative action to be a broken system, like most systems in America today.

To fix affirmative action we must first stop making it easy for minorities to rely on it. If we return to the affirmative action that advocated non-discrimination rather than the current affirmative action that tells you who to hire then we would have no problem with the program.  This would in no way, shape or form affect minority acceptance into colleges and minority only scholarships. Narrow minded people say that without affirmative action the number of Latinos in colleges would lower.

Imagine if only anti-discrimination affirmative action existed. First Latinos would attend schools more suitable for them, and cheaper than schools they would go to because of affirmative action. Secondly if the person feels it necessary to transfer to a better school then he/she may do so if qualified enough. Thirdly as most importantly, Latinos worthy of top schools will attend these top schools not because of a gift by the government but a product of their own hard work. Scholarships would not be affected at all. In fact, more scholarships are a possibility. Because more Latinos will attend cheaper schools, scholarship money would be more spread out and help a lot more people. The only problem I see with minorities not wanting to let go of affirmative action is that their people will attend “bad” schools or no schools at all. My response is that we should all get what we deserve.


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