Is it fair?

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October 17, 2012 by emagallanes1

When government allows institutions to impose affirmative action, the institutions hold the power to either accept, or ignore certain applicants. However, affirmative action does have the ability to create more diversity. It can also give minority groups great opportunities.
I believe that most affirmative action gives minorities opportunities that they would not have otherwise. Let’s picture a scene. Let’s suppose that an Hispanic girl and a Caucasian girl are both trying o get accepted into a prestigious university. Both of these girls are well-qualified, and their only difference is their race. However, what they both don’t know is that the university is seeking to gain its diversity by accepting more Hispanics rather than typical Caucasian girl. Therefore, it is obvious that the Hispanic girl will be accepted before the Caucasian girl is. That’s when affirmative action is still considered fair. But, what if the Caucasian was much more qualified than the Hispanic girl? Then, affirmative action would not be fair because the less qualified is being accepted while the better qualified is accepted. So, I think that it is not fair when race is the primary factor that determines acceptance. It is fair when race is the secondary(or higher) factor that determines acceptance.

If all institutions were to use affirmative action, there would definitely be an increase in the number of Hispanics who pursue a higher education. If these Hispanics students are ensured a spot in the institution, then more of them would apply to college and universities. Not only would they be more likely to attend college because of better acceptance rates, but affirmative action can also cause more race based scholarships. Then, more Hispanics would be going to college because of these Hispanic only scholarships which would of course, help them pay for their studies.
Overall, I think that affirmative action benefits some groups while it hurts others. That’s why I don’t think that race nor gender should be the primary factor in considering acceptance to an institution. But, if two people are almost the same in terms of qualifications, then race should be the determining factor. Let’s be real, it is more difficult for minorities to receive other opportunities than it is for Caucasians. So, affirmative action causes diversity(which institutions love), and it helps those minorities out.


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