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October 17, 2012 by bobdabeaner2012

When affirmative action comes to mind many different factors or terms can be associated with this one term. Entrance into universities is one of the biggest references that is the most commonly associated thought because so many factors come into play. Universities do like to diversify and even though certain schools won’t admit it some probably due try certain untold quotas to ensure diversity. But affirmative action does not automatically mean entrance into universities based on differences.
I was chosen as a Goizuetta Scholar to this school and extremely proud it did have some emphasis on my Hispanic roots. But I also like to think the selection process was a bit more rigorous Han just based on my race. It did appear that the selection was a bit more challenging than that. Some people on the outside looking in probably just see it as a racial thing and that selection was based more on ethnicity. In part I am glad that this scholarship exists because I honestly don’t know if I would be able to attend this wonderful institution. I do support vigorous forms of affirmative action that do take in partly factors such as race, religion, or sex but as long as that isn’t the major qualification.
If affirmative action didn’t exist, even in a small percentage, I do believe he Latino population that attend universities wont drop significantly. Some Latinos do come from underprivileged families and backgrounds and need these forms of help to attend universities. There should just be a vigorous form to determine entrance.


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