Facilitating Equality

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October 17, 2012 by mramos7

I believe that affirmative action is a very important part of this year’s presidential debate, especially for me since I am part of the minority. Affirmative action is important because it is helpful in keeping minorities equal to the majority with aspects such as jobs, education, and life opportunities in general. The candidate I vote for has to also know and respect the importance of affirmative action and they must keep it in effect. If anything, I believe more policies should include affirmative action in them as a foundation because minorities are rapidly increasing in the United States and they deserve the chance to live in this country as equal as everyone else. I personally support affirmative action for woman as much as I support affirmative action for Latinos because those are the two minority groups in which I fall in the category of. Of course I support affirmative action for all other minority groups, such as the ones for African Americans as well as disabled people, however, my main political concern are those two groups. Although some people believe that affirmative action is not ethical, I believe that it is because America owes minorities the right to be equal. Minorities, such as Latinos, have been discriminated and treated as inferiors to the majority for centuries. Equal rights for minorities are long overdue. Affirmative action can improve the rate of Latinos going to school and getting an education by showing them that people believe in them and that there is hope. The fact that many scholarships focus on specific races, increases minorities’ chances of applying for colleges because it shows there are resources to be attained to help them. For example, the only reason I am able to attend college is because of the scholarships I received, all of which are race specific. If minorities such as Latinos see that there are opportunities for the future, they will make more goals for themselves to go further in life, and they will be more willing to go to college because they know it is not impossible.


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