Diversity in America

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October 17, 2012 by rosaf15

Although we live in the “land of opportunities” not all people living in America have the same opportunities to prosper. Since many people, particularly minorities, have a history of being discriminated against and oppressed, affirmative action is a way these minorities can rise up to the levels other Americans have reached. Personally, I believe that affirmative action can be unfair at times but it is a necessary policy to have in a country where so many minority groups struggle to prosper. Although I benefit from affirmative action, I also believe that educational institutions and employers should also consider the accomplishments and character of a person rather than solely choosing the person based on his or her ethnic group or race. Nevertheless, affirmative action is a positive policy for our nation; allowing underprivileged people reach their American Dream.
If Affirmative action is abolished the numbers of Latinos in higher education will decrease in the future. Since most Latinos speak English as their second language and many have parents with less than a high school education, these Latinos clearly do not have the same opportunities as an American student whose parents both attended college. Because of this imbalance between Americans and minorities, many minority students, especially Latino students, will not be able to compete with students in the majority group for jobs or for admission to school. Also, the abolishment of affirmative action could also eliminate scholarships such as the Goizueta Scholarship and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Personally, without these scholarships I would have a hard time keeping up with my school work while working a full time job just so I could pay for school.
In the end, if affirmative action is eliminated, the number of Latino and other minority students graduating and even attending college will drastically decline. This change in American policy will deter minorities from moving up the social economic ladder and from positively contributing to American society. Although I believe affirmative action can be unfair to other groups in America, this policy is essential to diversify American society.


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