Affirmative Action???

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October 17, 2012 by bramirezgalaviz1

Affirmative action is defined as “an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, esp. in relation to employment or education.” In many circumstances, we have seen favoritism occur within our school and community. We have adjusted ourselves to see favoritism as a common occurrence. But there is a limit on favoritism.

My stance on affirmative action is of agreement. I favor this attempt to increase the involvement of minorities within our country. This action, to increase the participation of minorities, helps diversify our country and gives us a better understanding of diversity. I agree with the purpose that affirmative action has. I believe affirmative action guides minorities into getting more involved and having more recognition within our communities. I agree on providing an easier guide of opportunities to minorities because most of the time, minorities do not have the necessary guidance at home. The majority of minorities come from families that cannot offer them the appropriate advice of what to do or where to go to find the help they need. For example, I come from a working class family. Both of my parents were not offered higher education due to the lack of money at their homes. Neither of them graduated from high school; the farthest they went was sixth grade. As for many that are in the same circumstance, my parents were not able to guide me towards what to do, school wise. As many others, I searched on my own for opportunities that were available for me. Many of these opportunities were specifically for Hispanics. Even though this facilitated the process, I still had to have high qualities and a good academic standing, in order to be able to make use of these opportunities. I believe affirmative action does a great job on helping minorities find the way towards where the opportunities are. In this manner, affirmative action is seen as “positive discrimination.” On the other hand, affirmative action should not lower the standards for minorities. Minorities are capable to achieve high things by themselves and do not need to be underestimated.

Personally, I have taken advantage of scholarships that are designated for Hispanics. I am very grateful that these scholarships revolve around the idea of increasing the attending rate of Hispanics to college. Affirmative action will increase the number of Latinos in higher education in the future by providing an understandable guide for Latinos about the steps taken to get into college. There are many scholarships whose purpose is to aid Latinos education. The goal is to see more Latinos attend college and get degrees. In my circumstance, I received two Hispanic oriented scholarships that help me pay college. These two scholarships are the Goizueta Scholarhsip and the Hspanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship. There are many scholarships and opportunities offered to Latinos, and we need to take advantage of every one of them.


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