Affirmative Action and a little bit of George Lopez

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October 17, 2012 by shernandez5

                Being that I wasn’t too familiar with the term affirmative action I had to do my own research to better understand what this meant. While doing my research I came across what I thought was a good definition for “affirmative action”: Affirmative action is a federal agenda initiated in the 1960s that’s designed to counteract historic discrimination faced by ethnic minorities, women and other underrepresented groups. I also found websites that referred to affirmative action as equal opportunity or race-based preference. So what do I think of affirmative action? I think that it is a positive thing not only for us Latinos, but also for all of the undermined minorities in this country. The majority group in the United States most likely disagrees with affirmative action because it does challenge their race and their qualifications. Depending on the extent of the affirmative action taking place some might view it as it not being equal. What I mean by the extent of the affirmative action being taken is that, for example, if an employer chooses a Hispanic candidate to fill an open position plainly because he is a minority then I believe that the employer in wrongfully practicing affirmative action. The employer is hiring the Hispanic candidate for the job merely because he is trying to increase the diversity in his company. This reminds me of an episode of George Lopez where George is being offered an amazing high rank job with numerous benefits and luxuries that no one would be able to deny, but when George finds out that he is being offered the job only because he is a Mexican- American and not because of his accomplishments nor work ethic, he makes the hard decision to deny the opportunity. I understood why George had to that; because he’s integrity was being challenged and his abilities were not.

                In regards to affirmative action impacting the number of Latinos pursuing higher education I think that it has a positive correlation. Affirmative action has a lot, if not all, to do with the scholarships that are offered to minorities in the nation. People need to keep in mind that most scholarships are earned due to the meeting of qualifications and being part of a minority group is one of them. I am for affirmative action not only because it benefits me, but mostly because it gives more voice and opportunity, both scholarly and employment type, to the minorities all around the nation. 


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