Affirmative Action= America, The Melting Pot

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October 17, 2012 by glgalvan

I believe that affirmative action is actually a positive thing for the nation. From my research, I got that affirmative action are public policies and initiatives that enforce diversity in the country. This diversity could range anywhere from race, gender or religion. Gender wise, the affirmative action can help set an equality bar for women in the work force. Religion wise, everyone would be welcomed and not discriminated for their religious beliefs. Instead, I believe a person should be chosen for their skills in an area. Moreover, race wise, different races and ethnicities can collaborate and add to the nation’s diversity. This would be great opportunity to finally relive the title of “America, The Melting Pot.” With the affirmative action, minorities now have a greater opportunity for awards, scholarships, and jobs. For middle class Caucasian Americans, it’s not such an advantage because they get put at the bottom of the list. Nonetheless, America was created by immigrants and built by different groups of people. Why should we stop making America diverse? Personally, America is a land of opportunities and the affirmative action has helped this statement become more realistic. I think that the affirmative action can help Latinos achieve higher education and give them an opportunity at a brighter future for themselves and their family. I feel like there are enough scholarships offered for Latinos and they should take those opportunities. It would be idiotic for a Hispanic student not to pursue higher education if they really wanted to.


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