Affirmative Action…

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October 17, 2012 by gmayra

Presented and endorsed by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, affirmative action sought to stimulate equal opportunity and to cease discrimination. However it was not until 1965 that President Lyndon B. Johnson enforced affirmative action.  At first, affirmative action was intended to assist non-discrimination and to encourage employment of people without judging their race, religion, and nationality; sex was eventually added onto the list. It has evolved into a technique that helps diversify colleges, workplaces, and public environments.

Without affirmative action, minorities would have extreme difficulty in finding schools and jobs; therefore, I believe it should not be altered in any way. A variety of opportunities are offered to minorities through affirmative action. It serves mainly by balancing opportunities that minorities would not have due to economic instability, whereas Caucasians would have. Through first hand experience, minorities belong to a lower economic class, which diminishes our chances of leisure activities, academically and socially. Again due to affirmative action, minorities are able to overcome such adversities. Even though it might seem unfair to reject the majority race, affirmative action’s benefits outweigh its disadvantages.

For instance, affirmative action benefits many Latinos academically with: scholarships, grants, and application processes. Latinos stereotypically are known for dropping out, or for never finishing their academic career after high school by attending higher education. However scholarships such as: the Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, Liga de Campéones, Gates Millennium, and the Goizueta Scholarship, all motivate Latinos that education beyond high school is a possibility. If for any circumstance, affirmative action was altered or eliminated hope for the economically unstable would vanish along with the scholarships and grants, specifically for minority races, sex, or religion. Although those who are “unaffected” or affect “negatively” view affirmative action unfair, it benefits them. Altogether through the success of minorities because of affirmative action, the majority gains political and social development. All in all affirmative action is necessary for both those affected and those “unaffected” or “negatively” affected.


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