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October 17, 2012 by mmartinez17

Affirmative action is very important in our society today. For starters it helps diversify many institutions. Affirmative action plays a major role in public schools, universities, and businesses. This is because in order to improve their image they try to diversify their institutions to encourage others of the same minority to apply there also. I for one I support  affirmative action. There are some minorities such as Latinos who have drop out rates. If they can see that institutions want them to come it may encourage them to finish school. Thanks to affirmative action it will help many minority groups come out of  poverty, and help them acheive success. It also eliminates racism in the workforce. Because America is as diverse as it is, it is important to uphold affirmative action. As the population of Latinos increase in the United States, many would be effected if they were to take away affirmative action. I for one am a Latino, and I am able to attend Georgia State because of a scholarship aimed towards Latinos students. So this would greatly impact me and many others. Most Latinos are either first or second generation, and most of us don’t have the money to afford higher education. Some Latinos have kids early and others work to help their family pay rent; this discourages many Latinos to focus more on education. So, Latinos persuing higher education would diminish greatly. It is through these programs and foundations that Latinos are able to succeed and provide a better living for their families.



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