Conflicting Thoughts

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October 16, 2012 by jmunoz4

Affirmative action is a subject that I am on the fence about because I understand both sides of the argument. As a Goizueta Scholar, I should probably be saying that affirmative action is good and that it is necessary. The reason I should agree is because I am blessed with a four year scholarship in which a requirement was to be of Hispanic descent. I do believe that affirmative action was necessary at one point, after the Civil Rights movement for example, in order to establish a balance between races but now I am unsure. A side of me says yes to affirmative action because it would provide opportunities to minorities and level out the plain field. It would provide students who attend schools that don’t provide quality resources because of the socio-economic status’ of the people in the area with equal opportunities to those who attended better funded schools. Also, affirmative action would create more diversity in universities and in work. However, the other side of me says no to affirmative action because it defeats the purpose. There should be equality no matter the race, gender, or sexual orientation. Also, the people who best fit the criteria should be the ones who are admitted regardless of race and gender. This side of me also thinks that it would be unfair to the majorities such as “whites” if they were not admitted to a university because there was a minority student who had the same qualifications as the “white” student but had the edge of being another race. If I was this person, I would be outraged. Most, importantly I think that no matter what, if you want something and you work hard for it, you will achieve it no matter what. I think that academics, community service, and involvement should be the MOST important factors in the process of admission. At the same time, if affirmative action was overruled or not permitted, than there would be less diversity in universities and in the work field.

As I said before, I do think that if affirmative action was not permitted than it would cause an even smaller amount of Latinos to pursue a higher education. There is already a low number of Latinos in college and this would decrease the number even more. If affirmative action was permitted, than the number of Latinos in college would more than likely increase. As far as scholarships go, I don’t think it would affect them much because scholarships are mostly money provided by individuals. On the other hand, if affirmative action was not permitted than maybe many scholarships specific to races, like the Goizueta Scholarship, would not be allowed thus decreasing the financial aid to families who can’t afford college.

Overall, I am conflicted with choosing one side. What I do know though, is that the admissions process should be fair for all demographics. The people who best fit the requirements for the school should be the ones that are admitted. I do think that if a student who is a minority really wants to go to college and works hard for it, than he or she will be given the opportunity. I would also like to think that we are admitted because of what we did rather than who we are. I just hope that if a person of any race wants to pursue a higher education, they should be admitted if they meet the requirements of that college regardless of their race.


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