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October 15, 2012 by itzy18

    Should affirmative action be taken into place or removed? As a Goizueta Scholar, I should be saying that we need to have a well balanced variety of ethnicity in our colleges. On the other hand, how is it fair for “whites” to have their hard earned shot at college decreased just because there is a Hispanic or African American wanting the same opportunity? It isn’t. I believe that one being in a multicultural environment helps one develop one’s understanding and broadens our horizons.

    I understand that at one point, the U.S really needed to take affirmative action to increase the number of minorities in the education system. As of today, we still see low high school and college graduation rates from Latinos. But what I don’t see is how we need to be chosen due the color of our skin. If we get the opportunity to enhance our education, it should be due to the fact that we earned it due to what we have done in our past. If affirmative action gets taken away, I don’t see why it should affect scholarships. Scholarships are donated by individuals. Those individuals should be able to chose who they want to invest their money in.

    In the end, whoever gets into college it’s because they want to be there and because they deserve it. I doubt they would pick just anyone to attend their facility. If so is the case, then kudos to the colleges because they are the ones who are electing what kind of students represents them.


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