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October 15, 2012 by aalanis3

Affirmative action has always been a touchy subject to speak about, especially when college admissions is involved as in the Fisher vs University of Texas case. My opinion on affirmative action is ambivalent. I do feel that at one point, it was necessary for our nation to establish a racial balance. However nowadays, I feel that we are at a point in which race should no longer be a determining factor of anything. I understand that as a Goizueta Scholar, I probably should not say this because I was blessed with a 4 year scholarship partly due to my ethnicity. However, I also know that I received this scholarship because of my diligent academic and community service achievements. I like to think that we receive rewards because of what we do, not because of who we are. I think it is morally wrong to deny or accept someone into a college or any institution because of their race. I think colleges and universities should focus on academic and community achievement over anything else. I cannot control that I was born Mexican, as well as Abigail Fisher cannot control that she was born white; however, as students we can control how much effort we put into our education. Affirmative action did help create the balance America needed after the Civil Rights Movement, yet now it is creating another misbalance for white Americans. In a time where we strive for equality for all, it is wrong for our nation to oppress anyone based on their race. As I read more about this case, I found out that Fisher did not meet the initial academic requirements for the University of Texas. I think that we should be judged on how hard we work and how much we accomplish; therefore, if she was denied for this reason, then it is understandable.
If the Court overrules the case of Grutter vs Bolinger, it will end affirmative action in public universities in the United States. Most people might assume that this will diminish the admissions of Hispanic students into universities. I do not agree. I say that those Hispanics who truly work hard and want to go to college will apply and get in regardless of whether or not more whites are being admitted as well. Since our community is hard working in nature, it will only reinforce the motivation for a higher education. This is what I hope for, at least. As for race specific scholarships such as the Goizueta Scholarship, those will continue to exist as long as the scholars such as myself have something to show for them. What I want more than anything is for everyone who has ever wanted to go to college, to be able to get admitted regardless of whether they are Mexican or white.


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