Affirmative Action: Yes or No

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October 15, 2012 by natha17

Affirmative Action is defined as the process to counteract historic discrimination against women, ethnic minorities and other groups such as the LGBT community. If affirmative action is in fact used for this purpose then I agree with it, but if it’s used as a way to take advantage of opportunities that we have not worked for then it’s pointless. The idea of affirmative action didn’t come to exist in order to create another form of discrimination in our society; on the contrary it should prevent further discrimination in any way and to any group of people. Are we as humans that closed minded and driven by the color of our skin, accent, language or cultural believes and practices to the point where we create discrimination out of a program that is supposed to prevent it? Affirmative Action should be legal as long as it serves its purpose in the right way. Anglo Axons should not be discriminated against when determining whether they should be accepted into college or not. This is only a fair process when you determine the entrance based on the individual efforts that the student has put in school rather than the color of their skin or ethnic background. I believe that affirmative action is necessary to help minorities feel like they have equal opportunities as everybody else, but it shouldn’t prioritize mediocre behaviors just based on race, mainly when it comes to getting into college. Affirmative action can increase the number of Latino students that attend college and create a greater availability of scholarships for kids that have worked hard and or need financial aid. I believe that the reason why race specific scholarships are available is because in general minorities have a greater financial aid need than non-minorities. This is a fair part of the system because it allows students with financial aid to work hard in school without having to worry about how to pay for college. This eventually increases the number of graduate minorities which in essence benefits everyone.


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