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October 14, 2012 by asangiovanni1

As a Goizueta scholar, was I admitted to Georgia State because I am Latina? Or because of my academic records and involvement? In the interviews everything was taken into consideration, at least I hope it was. Myself and others like me would be effected tremendously if affirmative action laws were to change.

Being a Latina from a humble background, I am on the fence when it comes to affirmative action. After the Civil Rights movement, I believe affirmative action was appropriate, without second guessing it. Today, on the other hand, our society is shaped differently and the question of affirmative action being legal arises. In some cases, affirmative action is positive because it presents minorities with the opportunity to attend colleges and universities their resources may not allow them to go. Without affirmative action, minorities would not have the highest and best opportunities to pursue a higher education. Then again, how fair is that to others applying to the same universities? In that position, minorities would be outraged if not accepted to an institution based on the color of their skin or race.

Again, without affirmative action in place, Latinos would be less likely to attend college and/or universities. The rate of Latino college students already struggles to rise in the United States. If laws were passed to remove the race filter in admissions, Latinos, along with other minorities, would not attend college. Latinos already have low high school graduation rates, and lower college graduation rates. The Goizueta Scholarship for example, one of the requirements is to be of Hispanic/ Latino descent, among other things. Are these scholarships racist? Or are they offered to those who show financial need? I think admissions should have more to do with academics, financial need, and class. If affirmative action were to be determined illegal, the admissions process would be “fair” for all, but the demographics of schools across the country would change drastically.


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