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October 10, 2012 by shernandez5

I think the difference in delivery of each candidate was very clear in this Presidential Debate. Putting aside my political beliefs, I watched the debate again last night and this time I focused on observing each candidate and the way they each presented their plans and strategies.

Starting with Obama’s style: he seemed to be more in touch with the audience and was he was gentler with his speech and delivery. I concluded that this was because of his experience with public speaking. He made a bit more eye contact with the camera, which would be his audience watching from home, and his voice was a lot more soothing while at the same time powerful, which is a trait that he has always had. What stood out to me about his performance was that he was very polite in general but also with Jim Lehrer, the moderator, when it came to asking for more time to finish his statement or apologizing for overpassing the time or topic. As to talking about his plans and strategies I noticed that the President took more of a compare and contrast between his ideas the governor’s ideas. He also touches points of past Republican decisions and how he has changed things during his term as president.

As for Romney and his style: he seemed to be more in defensive mode. He started out talking to the audience, but it later turned to talking straight to the President and defending himself and his plans. A small thing I that noticed was the little attempts to be nice. For example, when he congratulated the President of his anniversary or his comment on Big Bird and canceling PBS even though he liked Jim Lehrer and his show, it seemed very fake and I, for one, didn’t believe him one bit. Going back to the more obvious things, Romney was more aggressive in his delivery. He raised his voice, which is already intimidating, he would interrupt the moderator and, like I mentioned before, be on attack mode when he spoke. I appreciate the fact that Romney took more of a direct and straight forward approach when talking about his plans.

I think overall, I took a lot of great tips on leadership styles from this debate. I aim for my own leadership style to be a mixture of both Romney and Obama. I want to be direct and powerful in my delivery, but I also want to relate with my audience. I can sincerely say that I can’t wait to watch the next Presidential Debate and see what approach the candidates have this time.


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