Romney with poise?

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October 10, 2012 by bobdabeaner2012

I was extremely surprised when the debate ended to find that Governor Romney actually conducted himself very professionally. In the end it really seemed like he took that debate. To be honest, President Obama is the incumbent therefore it didn’t seem like he really had to say much because we as people already ow what he wants to do. Although we may not have seen them come true we know his plan where as Governor Romney is the new comer and hence his length in speech. When he had a term he spoke more frequently and had much more information because he was challenging an incumbent who had chance to watch his presidency play and could bring to the debate more facts and numbers. Obama may have seemed to also lose because he does tend to stutter more often than not and it makes him seem a bit unconfined although that isn’t the case. In the end I would prefer Obama’s consistent confidence and poise over Romney’s occasional persona.
As a leader Obama is more appealing because although he trait isn’t a very polite trait, so to speak, he is more cunning and sly and that helps him recover whenever he does make a mistake and adding on to his confidence which of course is key in representing one of the most powerful countries in the world. He radiates optimism and poise. That helps citizens like myself feel more confident in our president.


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