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October 10, 2012 by mmartinez17

Both of the two political figures running for president this year conduced themselves very diferently. Through out the debate there were consistencies in their behavior. Mitt Romney was very rude because he repeatedly interuppted the president and the host. He also went over is time limit and was defensive for the most part. He had a strategy on what to say, but did not provide much explaination on how he was going to put these policies in motion. The fact that Romney had to put his fingers up while he was counting his points makes him look less persuasive. At some points during the debate Romney looked like a hot head and his eyes were about to pop out of sockets. Over all his performance looked poor and some of his hand gestures were distracting. Obama on the other hand displayed great performance in his behavior and posture. Obama was never rude and waited patiently through out the debate. His posture was great because it looked like he was more confident in answering his questions. He also shined some light on how some of Romney’s policies would put a burden on another group or put the government in greater debt. He was calm and provided detailed explaination on his policies and also discussed some of his successes in the last four years. He was polite and his body language was appropriate through out the debate.

Obama and Romney are two inspirational public figures. Obama a little more than Romney, but you can you can still learn something from both of them. As a leader I want to mean what I say, and be a role model to others. I would also like to be more confident and keep my cool a little more. I also want others to understand what it is I want to do in my community without second guessing me. Trust is important as a leader because if people don’t trust you they can’t believe you. I am a hardworking person that is always willing to help when I can. I should probably try to work more with others because I have always been a person that likes to get stuff done by myself.


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