Political Speech

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October 10, 2012 by adriannstuff

During the first presidential debate it seems that Governor Romney won simply because he displayed himself as more aggressive and in charge. However, President Obama spoke to Romney in a very condescending tone, constantly reminding him that he was only a “governor” and not as experienced as himself, the President. The truth of the matter is that both President Obama and Governor Romney expressed valid points and were very clear when stating their differences between each other. During the first presidential debate, Romney seemed to be an assertive strong leader whenever making his statements and whenever he lashed out at President Obama who was supposedly making false accusations about him. President Obama made a true remark, however, when he stated that up until recently, Romney has totally changed his political plan, making him seem uncertain. It seems that Obama was somewhat unprepared to debate against Romney because he was constantly “umming” and pausing to think of ways to rebuttal against Romney’s constant accusations against him. Romney, however, seem very prepared to answer each question in parts, as clearly has he could, and was not afraid to cut President Obama off whenever he supposedly made false accusations about him. I feel that both President Obama and Governor Romney share similar leadership styles. They both are driven political activists that favor the position of power and ultimately want to help America by helping its citizens. When being a leader, you need to be able to connect with the people you are leading. Both President Obama and Governor Romney did a good job of that; Obama mentioned his anniversary with his wife Michelle, winning the audiences’ heart, and Romney mentioned several stories about the lives of working Americans he spoke with, especially those who own small businesses. My leadership style practices honesty, hard work, and determination. Both Governor Romney and President Obama spoke around the questions they were asked at the debate and were not entirely truthful when they did answer, but everyone knows that that’s just political speech.


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