Obvious Difference

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October 10, 2012 by emagallanes1

As soon as the questions began, it was apparent that both Governor Romney’s and President Obama’s leadership skills were very different from each other. From how they responded to questions, to how their posture was while the other was answering, there was a distinctive difference. This major difference was that Mitt Romney was in an attacking mode, while Barack Obama was more in a patient mode. For example, while Romney would attack Obama, Obama would many times just smile and not show any anger whatsoever. On the other hand, Romney would even interrupt Obama in order to attack him some more.

It was obvious that Romney came out as a rude character because of the many times he interrupted President Obama. His interruptions definitely made him seem more powerful than Obama. Something else that aided Romney in coming out as the more powerful one, is that while Obama was speaking against him, Romney faced him the entire time. Unlike Romney, Obama had his head down while Romney was attacking him. These leadership differences definitely had the capacity of pushing or attracting the undecided voter. Even though I’m going to vote for Obama, I hate to say that I think Romney won this debate. Pushing my political preferences aside, Romney portrayed himself as a stronger, more direct leader than Obama.

For America, it’s more attractive to see a candidate who dominates, rather than lets themselves be dominated. However, I do take into consideration that Romney had many statistics against Obama simply due to the fact that Obama has already lead the country for a term. But, Obama couldn’t really pull out so many statistics, because I don’t think that governors’ mistakes are so out in the open. But still, I consider Obama’s strength to be delivering speeches, and not so much to be arguing a debate. I would personally like to be the type of leader that attacks and dominates, just because I think this is more effective to the audience and it attracts them more.


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