Leaderships Styles

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October 10, 2012 by bramirezgalaviz1

  During the first presidential debate, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney demonstrated different ways to speak and conduct themselves. President Barack Obama illustrated a calm, soothing tone throughout the debate. He demonstrated respect to his opponent during disagreements. President Obama also demonstrated patience when taking turns to speak and held back to openly disagree with Romney on certain topics. He also used the approach of incorporating his opponent by highlighting key similarities, such as the emphasis on education and tax rate. Obama’s use of hands illustrates his fluency and approach to engage the public. His main focus and eye contact was directed to the audience, which made him relate to the public. Obama suggested larger government which incorporates the idea of working together. He plotted his emphasis on education, highlighting his approach to the public by getting into their level. Obama showed focus on the public’s needs. Also, he exemplified the feeling of equality between the public and himself by his obvious intention to the public’s concerns rather than his personal ones. Obama’s relaxing approach, during the debate, demonstrates his weakness in assertiveness and shows a lack of confidence. Overall, President Obama uses a comforting, relaxing approach during the debate.

  On the other hand, Governor Mitt Romney had his guard up during the whole debate. He exemplified a defensive strategy when Obama spoke about his claims. Throughout the debate, Romney repeatedly interrupted President Obama and host Jim Lehrer, which illustrates a dominant, controlling approach over the situation. This demonstrates impatience. Romney shows insecurity through his interruptions because he wants to take control of the debate and hurriedly plot his points. He plots his points by numbering them throughout his speech. He directs his eye contact mostly towards Obama rather than to the public. Overall, Governor Mitt Romney uses an aggressive approach by his repeated interruptions.

  After critiquing each candidate’s approach in the debate, I came to the conclusion that I would rather be a leader that focuses on the public’s need and puts herself on the level of the audience. I would like to demonstrate a relaxing approach when dealing with the public’s concerns. This will help me obtain the confidence of my audience. Overall, I wish to be a competent leader who can connect to my audience and inspire them to do their best.


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