Leadership Styles

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October 10, 2012 by kguzman707

   Towards the first part, when it was Romney’s chance to ask President Obama questions, Romney poses firm clarifications about what Obama had assumed about him and Obama just kept looking down nodding. Obamas voice is portrayed as calmer and more relaxed. Obama seems to hesitate a bit more in what he is saying. On the other hand, Romney is portrayed as more assertive and sure of his statements Obama seems to make too many assumptions about Romney’s plans of actions and Romney interrupts Obama so as to correct him. One thing is for sure: they are both very articulate. Romney, however, seems rude when he interrupts Obama and even the host. Romney does show eye contact to his opponent when he is responding to Obama’s claims and that definitely is good in a debate. But Romney should also make eye contact with the audience, the people who are going to vie fir him. Romney’s whole demeanor throughout the debate screams, “You are wrong. This is what I am all about. My plan is the only correct one”. Both candidates are indeed comfortable speaking in public. In this particular debate, both candidates demonstrate different styles of leadership. Obama is more calm and hesitant with regards to what he says. Romney is more firm and assertive about his plans. Obama’s constant  putting down his head can be taken as humility, patience, respect, or insecurity. It would be nice if it was because of humility or patience, but in this particular debate Obama just looked weak and uncertain.  Generally speaking, there are various types of leaders and everyone leads in his or her own way. There is one type that is more outspoken and assertive, which is what Romney represents in this debate and then there’s a kind that’s more calm in demeanor. I think good leaders require traits of both styles: just the right amount of assertiveness and humility.


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