Leadership on the spotlight

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October 10, 2012 by asangiovanni1

Watching the Presidential debate made me wonder how politicians conduct themselves in order to have others follow them. By definiton, a leader is someone who guides, inspires or rules others. The way which President Obama and Governor Romney presented themselves, did not reflect leadership. A leader is supposed to be selfles an is concerned about others rather themselves. As the candidates were debating, they way they interrupted each other was rude, blaming the other’s plan to be wrong, and attacking what each other has said is not what a true leader does.

I understand that they are taking part in a huge presidential campaign and they have to do whatever it takes to stay in office or get there but there are other ways about it. The debate was shaped around “he said, she said” scenarios. If these two men were true leaders, they would accept one another’s ideas and suggest compromises instead of going at it like cats and dogs. Part of being a leader is being able to handle controversy with civility, as stated in the Social Change Model.  There were instances where the President said something about Romney wanting to add 5 trillion dollars to the deficit and Romney would shoot back “no I did not!” but not propose details to the plan he does want to impose.

As an individual, I’d like to become leader than can have conversations about topics with controversy and not be a hypocrite. I would like to be able to take suggestions from others who may not have the same point of view. A leader to who listens to its followers, in other words. Sometimes I can be really stubborn and I would like to be able to listen other’s ideas fr how to go about certain situations and come to an agreement instead of having it my way all the time.


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