Leadership Diversity

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October 10, 2012 by bibianamarisa

First of all, I enjoyed watching the debate, though I have to admit, I wasn’t always one hundred percent sure about what was being discussed. However, it was clear to me that both Romney and Obama displayed leadership skills. (You kind of have to have those skills in order to lead a country). Both candidates had their ups and both candidates had their downs.

Obama is a much more personable leader. He appears to be any regular guy which makes him seem more approachable and less intimidating than the opposing candidate. I believe that that is a great quality in a  leader, because who would want to see a leader as unapproachable? Obama even brought up his grandmother before talking about social security. He said that his grandparents raised him and that his grandmother worked her way up even though she only had a high school education. I personally like the fact that Obama uses examples from his life; this adds to the personable factor. However, he could have spoken better; he stuttered a bunch. Maybe that made him even more personable, since many people would have been stuttering in his position too. I think it was difficult for Obama to make himself look good, since he’s already been president; whereas Romney can make himself seem as though he’s gonna turn America upside down if elected president.

Romney was a much better speaker than Obama. He stated facts and gave a bunch of figures as well, which shows that he was responsible enough to do his homework. He was also extremely assertive. He may have intimidated Obama considering that Romney would try to make direct eye contact with Obama, but Obama would only stare down at the podium instead of returning the eye contact. He was a little bit too assertive though; I thought it was extremely rude of him to speak loudly over the moderator even when the moderator was telling him to stop. That was a sign of poor leadership. To be quite honest, Romney reminds me of a villain off of Batman.

My leading style is more like Obama’s, because I’m not good at remembering facts and figures like Romney and I like for people to be able to relate to me. If I were to make a speech, I would focus on the more emotional and personable aspects instead of facts and figures.


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