Leadership Comparison

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October 10, 2012 by itsalexherrera

I enjoyed the debate; it portrayed the ideologies and debate skills of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Mitt came of as an informed speaker; he also kept a smirk throughout the debate. His smirk tells me that he felt confident about his superior answers compared to that of Obama’s. Obama was very calm; I felt that his tone was one of someone trying to call a panicked man. His tone told me that he was concerned more about what kind of reaction he would get in response to his answers. Then it is no surprise that people are saying Romney won the debate, he was focused more on being superiors and intimidating while Obama tried to tell America what they wanted to hear.

Both candidates have negative aspects of their approach to the debate. Firstly, Romney trying to be better said a lot of false information; truth seems to take a backseat.  Even in his candidacy acceptance speech Romney lied through his teeth, focusing more on keeping the momentum of the crowd. Obama seemed to be weak. By trying to please everyone Obama did not seem like a leader. Both candidates have been notorious in this respect for years. I have learned many things from analyzing both candidates and their techniques. From this analysis I have decided that an effective leader will take the pros of each candidate’s debate.

I as a leader will try to combine the positive aspects of both candidates. From Romney I admire his confidence, intimidation and the smirk he kept throughout, he seemed as a candidate with backbone. From Obama I admire his ability to shelter his followers and inspire them. He makes this political campaign much more important than it was in the past. In short I hope to be a confident yet relaxed, intimidating yet caring leader.


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