Leaders in debate

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October 10, 2012 by mramirez2

President Obama and Governor Romney obviously tried to get their points across in the recent presidential debate showing each of their different leadership styles. I see President Obama as more firm on his facts while keeping his composure. Obama knew exactly what he wanted to get across to the public even if it didn’t answer the question. He shows this through his insistence on specific points such as the tax cut Romney plans to make. I see President Obama’s leadership style as one of an active listener who rather than expressing rivalry, shows he is the right choice in voting. Obama is not only more passive, but also more respectful to the rules regardless of his status and role as president as he got quiet when the mediator spoke, while Romney spoke mostly when he wanted to. Obama’s leadership style also incorporates action that showed results in past scenarios, showing he leans towards success and also shows modesty as he acknowledges past facts as an inspiration to his propositions. He demonstrates some sort of familiarity and approachability, making him easier to “trust.” Romney’s leadership style shows more aggression. Although it is speculated that Romney switched ideas and propositions, Romney shows his strategy to get elected as throughout the year he has changed his points to appeal to more voters. The issue I see in Romney’s style is that he evidently shows his opponent’s weakness or mishaps to make his points more appealing. Romney however is more assertive and direct, which shows leadership, but not fully, as leaders should lead, but also listen to others, including opponents. Still, Romney seemed more certain of his facts and a better speaker as it seemed Obama could have been intimidated by some of Romney’s points.

I feel like I lean more towards President Obama’s leadership style as I try to see what worked before to solve things today, and I also listen and respect the rules, yet try to lead towards a common goal. I feel like I can relate to Romney’s leadership style as I sometimes can be direct, believing my idea is better. I guess I can say my leadership style varies. Still, I wish to improve my leadership skills as I want to be balanced and beneficial for whomever I’m leading without being overbearing or weak. Still I feel I usually try to make myself more relatable, but I still want to be an effective leader with approachability as well as concrete information to help.


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