How does President Chrystal Ferreira sound?

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October 10, 2012 by chrystalferreira

Although their approaches were very different, both President Obama and Governor Romney exemplified leadership skills during the Presidential debate. To distinguish their leadership styles one must take into account each candidates position, Mitt Romney is currently the Governor of Massachusetts and Barack Obama is obviously the President of the United States. Governor Romney has to be more aggressive and appear to be very rehearsed and in full force because he is presenting his platform for the first time, while President Obama is more passive aggressive and calm and collected. Governor Romney was very quick to respond to President Obama’s statements as if he was expecting everything that was said, while President Obama was thoughtful and slow to speak in regards to Governor Romney’s statements. To be honest, they both came off to their audiences as very effective leaders because no matter what the challenge, each candidate responded in a matter to appeal to those they lead, despite the party. Now, in regards to the way the candidates conducted themselves during the debate is completely different, Governor Romney interrupted President Obama quite often and came back at him with full force as if he was attacking the president. On the other hand, President Obama took notes and paused, and was pensive on the statements he would make in rebuttal to Governor Romney. Governor Romney had a lot of poise in the way he conducted his argument, as I stated before, it appeared to be very rehearsed, but in the same manner very professional. President Obama speaks in a very comfortable, down to earth tone; his arguments seem to be speaking straight to the viewers at home. Obviously, President Obama and Governor Romney are both an effective leader, Governor Romney exemplifies a very commanding leadership style and President Obama exemplifies a very comforting leadership style. Personally, I hope to be the kind of leader that my followers or those that I lead are not afraid to approach me, I want to be a leader that appears comfortable and humble. As of right now, I strongly believe that I am the kind of leader that speaks much like President Obama, very pensive, very thoughtful, and very passive.


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