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October 10, 2012 by eli308

As an overall performance, I believe can that both candidates stood out. Even though both presidential candidates stood out, one of them made a good impression and the other not so good. The debate was extensive and included some surprise views not expected by some of us viewers. Mitt Romney has dramatically improved since the last time he was seen on a debate. Of course, Barack Obama has always been a remarkable speaker, but was calmer during this debate than the other ones he has participated in. The style in which Romney presented himself had changed from being extremely robotic to a tint of hatefulness in his voice. As her was presenting his speech in the debate, it seemed as though he was attacking Barack Obama as a personal threat instead talking about the nations problems and what he would do to fix them. Obama on the other hand demonstrated to feel very calm at some points throughout the debate, which he should have been stronger in delivering them. Even with this flaw, Obama continued to project a firm speech, which made him the favorite as a result.


The way in which Romney demonstrates his leadership is by searching for facts that reinforces the statement he is trying to make. He inserts these facts very skillfully were the facts reinforce his point of view to persuade the audience to see eye to eye just like him. On the other hand, Obama likes to build a connection with the audience so they can accept his viewpoint with more openness. He is also very articulate throughout his speeches and demands attention without directly saying it, but by speaking wisely with certain words.


After viewing this types of leadership, I have always been the kind of leader that has always tried to only put in my ideas and let others talk, but not include the input. I would like to become a leader that listens to others and also value them, as another team member would be. I want to become a support system for others which allow them become the best they can be. I believe that I will be able to accomplish that because I came from the same place and received helpful guidance to continue my education.


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