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October 10, 2012 by rosaf15

After watching and analyzing how the two presidential candidates presented themselves in the first 2012 presidential debate, I have gathered a new viewpoint on what a true leader should look like. Although both candidates presented valid arguments and policies they wish to impose, both candidates showed weak leadership styles while arguing their claims.

Governor Mitt Romney presented himself as a more firm and aggressive debater while Obama seemed more calm and passive. Although Governor Romney presented his arguments straight to the point, he also lacked persuasion. Romney discussed many policies that he would work on when he would get into office but he failed to give specific details and this is mainly because he lacks the experience needed to give specific plans. Since he is still governor Romney is just saying what people want to hear but he might not even meet or accomplish the goals he wants to reach when and if he becomes president. On the other hand, Obama’s deliverance was more convincing mainly because he is currently our president and has learned from his mistakes and knows what will work and will not work. Nevertheless, Obama stuttered and stumbled a lot over his words which made him appear weak and maybe even unprepared to rebuttal Romney’s attacks.

Also, Romney appeared rude and even disrespectful during the debate. Romney was not afraid to say what he thinks and that came off as disrespecting the president by criticizing everything Obama did during his four years as president. Romney also came off as insecure when he interrupted Obama in order to defend himself and in order to make his claims and arguments clear. However Obama also appeared as somewhat disrespectful by not respecting the time limits and taking too long to make his points across. Obama also shows weakness because he lacks the aggressiveness on what he is trying to say.

After analyzing the leadership styles of Romney and Obama I want to become a leader that possesses the strengths of each leader.  I want to be a kind of leader that fulfills my promises and accepts the help of others around me to accomplish what I have in mind. I also want to be the kind of leader that learns from the mistakes of others and a leader that states valid claims.


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