Leaders of America

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October 9, 2012 by gmayra

On October 03, 2012 the first Presidential debate took place, where Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama presented their thoughts on the American economy, education, and healthcare. Each individual displayed his leadership styles and leadership identity; clearly Obama and Romney are two distinct leaders.

President Obama began with a clear, calm voice. Throughout the entire debate President Obama acknowledged the audience whether it was those at home or those present. Although his answers circled the question, he answered by simply stating his opinions on the issues. The styles, which Obama displayed, would characterize him as a people- oriented leader or a servant leader. His constant reference, to the middle class people in America and collaboration of both parties that meet what he wants to achieve, allowed his audience to relate to him; therefore, classifying him as just another American with a role.

Unlike President Obama, Governor Romney presented himself with a demanding, frustrated voice. During the debate Governor Romney would direct his answers or retaliate toward the President, instead of the people. His answers seemed to be more defensive than informative. His use of hand gestures for “1…2…3…” portrayed his answers in an aggravated manner. All in all Governor Romney style classified him as a task- oriented leader or a minor autocratic leader. The way in which Romney interrupted a few of Obama’s answers and would not allow Jim Lera to move on unless he was done with his remarks, categorized him an authority leader.

In conclusion, Obama and Romney have different styles of leadership, which distinguishes them as two distinct leaders. While I prefer Obama’s style of leading, I believe there is no problem with Romney’s style of leading. America’s choice in president should have a hint of each kind of leadership because no leadership is completely wrong leadership.


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