Governor Mitt Romney is a dictator. That is all.

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October 9, 2012 by glgalvan

The 2012 presidential debate was made intense because both candidates presented themselves differently. President Obama was cool and calm about the debate questions. His answers weren’t a direct attack and his eye contact was focused on the audience. When Governor Mitt Romney was answering the questions, he seemed frustrated and controlling. The way he presented himself somehow reminded me of a dictator. Also, it seemed that his answers were on a personal level with the President. I say this because his eye contact and body were both directed towards the President. Nonetheless, while Governor Mitt Romney was directly attacking the President, The President stayed calm and let him finish his answers. Once the President had his turn to speak, he elaborated on his policies. He made sure it was clear what his policies were and how he wanted to go through with them. On the other hand, Mitt Romney seemed to just state the facts as opposed to actually elaborating. Personally, I think that if your going to be a leader, you should present yourself as patient, understanding, and ready to explain what you say. Patience is important because, at times, you could encounter something that you weren’t expecting. This would call for you to be calm and think thoroughly about how to approach the situation. Moreover, being understanding can help a leader be more open minded to everyone’s opinion. Finally, it’s important that a leader knows how to “back up their stuff up.” I believe that if a leader has those three important skills, their role as a leader would be more successful.


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