Different Leaders

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October 8, 2012 by aalanis3

The first presidential debate of 2012 demonstrated two distinct leadership styles. Both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney lacked the complete packages I expected to see that night. However, they used leadership skills that are imperative for the commander in chief of America. During the debate, Obama maintained his eye contact on the audience, which is the example of a great leader because he acknowledges that he holds this high position to serve the people of our nation. To the contrary, Romney maintained contact and regarded his points towards President Obama. Although he was not maintaining eye contact with the voters at home, he was demonstrating the ability to face his challenger face to face. These are both features that are essential for leaders. I was disappointed in both candidates because I felt like they were holding a lot back. This was certainly one of the most peaceful presidential debates I have seen. Romney highlighted his knowledge by stating many statistics, which lacked the presentation most Americans want to see. Obama on the other hand listened to what Romney had to say and appeared calm. President Obama focused on the positives of his term and in speaking to the nation he wants to continue to lead.While Romney took a more aggressive approach to stating his claim, President Obama took a more composed, almost professorial attitude. I believe that a mixture of both passive and aggressive attitudes is what our nation requires in a president. As a leader, I have always been assertive and poignant as Romney was that night; however, I always reminded myself that I serve those who see me as a leader, which is President’s Obama approach when speaking to our country. I want to maintain a mixture of these attitudes because this is what makes a successful, well-rounded leader. Hopefully, whichever candidate is elected this upcoming November realizes that he must have many leadership skills to be a successful president.


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