So much heat!!! aaahhh!!!

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October 7, 2012 by itzy18

    During the presidential debate, there was an obvious difference between each candidate’s leadership style and how they presented themselves.

    Barack Obama, for instance, was portrayed to be more passive. His tone was more mellow and the way he spoke was quieter and slower. On the other hand, Governor Romney seemed to be more assertive. He came off as a strong, angry individual. Yes, Obama would surpass his time limit just as Governor Romney did but the difference was the quantity of times and the way they both did it.

     For example, President Barack Obama would get interrupted and instead of lashing out he would stop until Romney would be told to stop then he would continue. On contrary, Romney would always interrupt Barack Obama and even interrupt Jim Lehrer.

    On thing I have to admit is how eye contact is extremely important in my opinion. I felt that Obama never made contact with Romney. I believe that was in a way kind of rude because it was him and Romney having a debate. Hint: the name is a Presidential Debate. I understand that it is also important to make eye contact with your audience, in this case, the rest of America, but I also consider proper manners to address to who are talking to. On the other hand, Romney only made pure contact with Obama. As I said before, he seemed more aggressive and seeing him not take his eyes off of Obama was a little intimidating!

    Despite all those pet peeves I just mentioned, it did portray a lot about themselves. For one, Obama seemed more patient, caring, and more of a listener. Leadership wise, it only means that they are willing to serve others and take into account everyone’s opinion, make a choice based on the interest of a group. On contrary, Mitt Romney is more assertive and kind of demanding in a way. He assures his way is the correct one and will get everyone to believe him. It might not be wrong but maybe being more open minded wouldn’t hurt the guy either.

    I have to admit that I see myself as a mixture of both. I used to be like Romney where no! My way is the right way! But as I’ve gotten older, I have realized that there are many more ways to get stuff done. Some tend to be more effective than others. I also noticed that I am more open minded now and listen to other people’s opinion. For some, it might be a good thing while for others it can make them weak and easy to step on. I am pretty happy the way I see myself now as a leader because in a way I am very adaptive and understanding of people yet, I also have the backbone to say what is right and how things should be done with consideration of others’ opinions.



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