Types of Leadership

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October 6, 2012 by natha17

During the 2012 presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama it was easy to see the two distinct types of leadership and personality styles of each candidate. Starting with the way that each candidate communicates his message to the way they interact with each other and the audience there are multiple differences between each candidate’s leadership styles. While Romney seems to be in a defensive state of mind Obama continues to demonstrate patience throughout the debate. This is very important because it uncovers an aspect of each candidate that is essential in their role of leadership. In my opinion Romney exemplifies a Dominant type of leadership; this type of leadership is more effective when used by someone who is trying to control a group of people who can’t seem to work together or understand their task in a project or organization. This is shown when Governor Mitt Romney continues to interrupt President Barack Obama and Jim Lehrer when he wants to express his point of view on something said by either of the candidates. President Barack Obama is opposite to Romney’s leadership style, he is more a more Servant leader. This is shown in his respect when it was time for Lehrer or Romney’s time to talk. He didn’t jump into trying to explain his policies and point of view when it was time to move on or someone else’s turn, he patiently and respectfully waited. Another characteristic that is essential to the presidential role is how each candidate communicates his message. While Governor Mitt Romney responded to questions with “1…2…3….” Obama answered in a more fluent an approachable manner. This is very important because it demonstrates each candidate’s ability to communicate with the constituents in a more humanly and relatable way. Obviously Mitt Romney didn’t show a humanistic approach that is necessary to communicate and understand constituents from every single economic and racial background. Another characteristic that they demonstrated was how they approached the public. Eye contact with the public is a basic skill necessary when public speaking. While President Barack Obama directed his words and eye contact to the audience Governor Mitt Romney continued to attack the president looking at him instead of the people. I hope to be a Servant leader, someone who has the ability to communicate with people as equals and respect each other as equals. An approachable and servant person who takes a role in the community with the intention to listen to the requests from the public and not just my own personal believes.


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