Wow… she needs a life!

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October 3, 2012 by eli308

Wow… after watching this video, I felt astonished and very hurt by the comments of a white close-minded Republican commenter. I feel as though she was coming of as a racist person that needed help in gaining self-control to her absurd comments. Even though I am not part of the African-American community, I felt offended the way she continually said the world “black” in a tone with a hint of hatred. I believe this “women” needs help and must not be permitted be in front of cameras or be invited to talk shows. She seems insensitive towards really human beings and dislike her much more than Mitt Romney.


For me civil rights are something that God gave us as being his children which none of us can take away from one another. Ann Coulter demonstrates her ignorance when she goes on to say that,”…civil rights are only for blacks.”  I strongly disagree with this viewpoint because everyone has rights and are entitled to utilize them when one feels threatened by others. I agree that society owes African-Americans respect, but also everyone else that is unique to this country. If Coulter wants to get technical about who owes whom, then I can say that America also owes Mexico for stealing its land after they had an agreement.


After seeing many events throughout my small number of years in life, I believe that immigrants have and are leaving enormous impacts in this country. Without these impacts, this country could no have become as grand as it is now. When we define immigrants, we aren’t just speaking of Hispanics but also people from European, Asian, and Caribbean countries. This biggest impact that immigrants have left for this country can date all the way back from our founding fathers writing the constitution on a hot summer day, to the buildings that we are surrounded with everyday built by construction immigrants. We may not always realize that immigrants from around the world want to work and take many jobs that we may view as “gross” or “unfit”.


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