Who is civil rights for?

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October 3, 2012 by aalanis3

My initial reaction to Ann Coulter’s comment is shame. I am ashamed that in October 2, 2012 people with ideals like these are public figures and have an impactful voice on the right side of the political spectrum. I am ashamed to know people personally who would agree with these ideals. My second reaction is anger, because I realized that unfortunately there are many in our nation who will support such ridiculous values. The reasoning behind her unique definition of civil rights is not only racist, it is also irrational. How is she to say that America only owes African Americans equality rights, does that not defeat the purpose of giving them equality? Her statements are offensive to African Americans, as well as anyone considers this nation the land of the free. Her biased and ignorant comments reinforce my dislike for the right wing.

To me, civil rights are defined as the belief that everyone should have the same basic and certain complex rights. I read a comment under this video that says, “Ann Coulter is completely right. Civil rights is only famous because of the Civil Rights Movement, which was for Blacks”. In reality, this term has been around for centuries before this historic movement. The fact that Ann Coulter sees civil rights as a black and white issue, with no grey areas in between, is baffling. Is she saying that only blacks and whites are humans? Only there past oppression can be accounted for? How about the Japanese Americans who were unfairly placed in internment camps during World War II? What about the female race who were oppressed for centuries? Ann Coulter should explain to us her views on these because clearly she is blinded by her biased opinions and cannot see the truths of this country.

The most outrageous part of this 30 second video is that Ann Coulter states this country does not owe anything to immigrants. How dare she say that when her ancestors were immigrants? This country was built on by the blood, sweat, and tears of immigrants and continues to be, literally. I believe that this country would not the economic super power, and political monster if it were not for the knowledge immigrants in America carry. Today, immigration is an even more prominent issue because the rights of illegals are being neglected. Ann Coulter needs to realize this, inform herself, and soften her cold heart. The one part of this video that I was proud of is seeing Jorge Ramos represent the Latino community by saying that Republicans will lose our vote because of ideals like hers, and many others.



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