Who does she think she is?

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October 3, 2012 by jmunoz4

My initial reaction to this video was “who in the world does she think she is?” I was infuriated as I was watching this video. I mean seriously who does this woman, Ann Coulter, think she is to make such arrogant, ignorant, and shameful comments. It amazes me how some so called “educated” people can be so blind and so ignorant sometimes. I know this sounds terrible but she is a shame to America. Coulter not only deeply insulted immigrants, feminists, the gay community, but also “blacks.” She says that “we owe it to the blacks.” No Ann Coulter, civil grants should be granted to everyone. The worst part and also the scariest part is that other people support her and agree with her disturbing comments. It scares me that people who “know” about government can say these dumb things.

Coulter’s statement that “civil rights are for blacks” is so wrong and so insulting. Civil rights are for EVERYONE, no matter your race, color, place of origin, sexual preference. For me, civil rights are the rights granted to everyone to freedom and equality. There are definitely not only for blacks. Also, she says that “civil rights only became of the civil rights movement, which was for blacks.” All I have to say is that she could not have been more wrong and uninformed. Civil rights have been around since the dawn of time. What about the Native Americans in the Trail of Tears? Or the Japanese placed unfairly in camps? Or women being oppressed and fighting for their rights? These are just a few examples. Civil rights are not just given to someone because “we owe them,” they should be granted by everyone. Coulter owes America a big apology.

Immigration is extremely important in this country. America was founded by immigrants. For Ann Coulter to say that immigrant rights are not civil rights is shameful and ignorant. First of all, how dare she say in front of immigrants such as Jorge Ramos, one of the most influential people in the Latino community. This is so disrespectful. I was happy when he spoke up and told her the truth. If ignorant Republican representatives like her keep making those comments, than they will lose this election and many more. She also said that immigrants haven’t even been in the country. I can think of many examples contradicting her statement. Native Americans still live in America today, and there has always been European and Asian immigration. Immigration has allowed America to be called a superpower and to be such a diverse and cultural country. Immigrants has helped the economy greatly. Who else would work at minimum wage in such harsh conditions to make a couple of cents? Has Ann not thought about that?

The last comment I have to say is that if Ann Coulter is going to have the “courage” to speak about these issues, she needs to be rightfully informed first. She has angered many Americans with her ignorant statements. I honestly feel sorry for her because she is pitiful and ignorant. Somebody needs to smack some sense into her.


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