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October 3, 2012 by jmendez14


Total disbelief; that was my first thought when I saw the video of Ann Coulter. Could anyone be more ignorant than Ann Coulter? She showed us, how truly out of touch with reality some people are. Her narrow-mindedness shocks me to my core. I respect everyone’s beliefs, but when someone says something that bleeds ignorance how can anyone not respond to her words. How can she say such insulting things when she, as a female, belongs to a minority group?

How do civil rights not apply to immigrants? Civil rights, defined by dictionary.com, are rights to personal liberty applied to an individual or a minority group. Last time I checked immigrants fell into a minority group. Slaves were originally from Africa, meaning they were immigrants. By her logic they are “owed” since they belong to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement but they are also descendants of immigrants meaning they don’t have civil rights. Which is it? Yes, Civil Rights are typically associated with blacks but civil rights are rights for any minority. Anybody who is in the minority deserves civil rights. Just because blacks had their Civil Rights Movement doesn’t mean others don’t deserve those rights that were fought for. Currently, immigrants are having their own civil rights movement because people like Ann Coulter haven’t realized that everyone, as a human being, deserves civil rights.

One thing that immediately stuck out was something that Ann Coulter said, “that immigrants haven’t even been in this country.” What is she even talking about at this point? Immigrants haven’t been in this country? This country was founded by immigrants. Immigration started in the 15th century. Immigrants and their migration to the United States is not a new thing. It has been has been happening for centuries. She asks what have we done to immigrants, why do immigrants deserve civil rights, what is immigrants’ legacy? Immigrants built this country because they were in the minority in their original country. She obviously doesn’t realize that she is a descendent from immigrants. So who does deserve civil rights then? Not her, not anybody else then because most people who live in the United States are descendants of immigrants.


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