What are Civil Rights Considered to be?

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October 3, 2012 by natha17

Ignorance is defined as a state of being uninformed, it’s used to describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts. Ann Coulter as an Anglo Saxon and privileged American describes civil rights as something that is only “for blacks” because as she said “we owe them something due to slavery.” When Ann Coulter says, “what have we done to the immigrants? They haven’t even been in this country” I flash back to all my AP history classes where I learned in great detail about Slavery, the Mexican American War, the Indian Removal Act, and among many others the Chinese Exclusion Act. I am not African, I am not Mexican, I am not Indian, and I am not Chinese, but I sat in those classes trying so hard not to cry, holding my tears as I learned about how cruel and dehumanizing people can be. For a country that gained its independence through the justification of cultural and religious diversity the United States has demonstrated ignorance in how immigration policies are handled. First of all, if Ann Coulter was humble enough to educate herself with the history of her own country then she would know that almost half of present United States belonged to Mexico, that most of it was rich in Indian Americans, and that it is because of the country’s diversity that it has gained so much success. I feel furious and very disappointed at the fact that some twenty to fifty years from now we are going to look back in time and realize that history does repeat itself, that people in our government and community are so incapable of understanding each other as human beings that we treat each other like we did when slaves were being shipped as a material gain from place to place. Immigrants are only seeing as an asset to the American community in good times or in times of war when they need us to fight for the country that has put us through so much suffering. The definition of Civil Rights in my heart is the ability to exercise basic human rights without discrimination or restrictions, it is the ability to simply be human regardless the color of your skin, they tone of your voice, or any physical or cultural characteristic


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