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October 3, 2012 by kguzman707

 The host begins by asking Coulter about a statement in her book. Wow. She wrote a book that made it through publishing and that made it to bookstores around the nation. If this book, containing narrow-minded statements and just plain ignorant statements, is being sold out there to the public, what kind of material is being distributed out there? Is this the kind of ignorance publishers are letting spread out there? I mean, anyone can pick up her book and, if he or she is not fully informed on what immigration issues or civil liberties issues are, then he or she can believe just about anything this lady says in her book. That’s honestly what I first thought. From watching her speak, I think Coulter has una personalidad arrebatada and usually people like that do not think first about what they say or do.  Also, I thought about how maybe the show intentionally put her on this debate so as to generate controversy. After all, this is politics and this is the media and controversy is a given. Maybe the producers or directors of the news program put her on the show so she could give a deviant opinion on the Latino issue. A rather shallow opinion, of course, but it did spice up the talk. The part in which she says “We don’t owe the homeless, we don’t owe feminists…” we don’t owe gays, is wrong. We do owe these groups something. These groups have been thrown back and forth around society trying to fight for their rights as human beings. And we owe them that right, that freedom, to be who they are, to live without discrimination regardless of their personal choice of lifestyle. For women, do we not owe the hundreds of women of the twentieth century and their passion for wanting to have their voice heard through the vote? Civil rights are not just for blacks, Ms. Coulter. (It is funny how the other men around the table look at her weird as if she is crazy). Basically, I was just amused at what Coulter said…”Immigrants haven’t even been in this country…” Ha. Please. I think she either did not do well in her history class or she did not even take history. The legacy of immigration is what makes up the United States of America. America is immigration. There’s been European immigration, who came here with a purpose of founding a better country. There’s been Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Latinos, and oh so many immigrant groups that have filled the labor force and have contributed to industrial, technological, societal growth in this country. We do owe them something. We owe them gratitude. We owe them the civil rights that they’ve been denied because of discrimination. Civil rights are privileges that all human beings, regardless of anything, deserve in society.


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