Smh…Why are people so ignorant?

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October 3, 2012 by glgalvan


Well, my initial reaction to this video is too vulgar and filled with remarks of “are you serious right now?” At first, I was thinking to myself, “Ok it’s just another person with a comment.” I’m used to those comments simply because I come from North Georgia where comments like those are made or are worse. This time it was different because the comments were coming from someone who is well known. Moreover, I will sum up my initial reaction and say that I was very shocked at how ignorant Ann Coulter sounded. A person such as herself should first do her research before she gives an opinion on anything. 1st of all, she says that “immigrants haven’t even been in this country,” and thus begins to show her ignorance on the matter. The first immigrants of the United States were pilgrims. After the United States had a settled nation, they began targeting immigrants and began with the Irish immigrants. What she said in the video seems to be more of a target towards the Hispanic immigrants of today. For me, civil rights apply to everyone who is human. Civil, as an adjective, means of the citizen as an individual. With that said, I don’t know how Ann Coulter can sit there and say CIVIL rights are for blacks only. Finally, I think that the legacy of immigration of the United States is different depending on which immigrants you’re talking about. For example, if you’re talking about the Chinese then we owe them the rail roads that they built. If you’re talking about the Hispanic immigrants, we owe them all the crops they have and keep growing and picking for the country.


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