Same old, same old

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October 3, 2012 by itsalexherrera

I have watched many discussions of conservative talking-heads like Ann Coulter, including Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly. I have to say, after hearing the ignorance of the right time and time again I wasn’t very shocked or taken back to hear what Coulter had to say. To see her display a minimal amount of education and awareness on the subject of race and politics amused me very much. Another aspect I see in this segment is that she plugs her book in the discussion, her far-right views most likely have open followers and secretive admirers making this discussion a selling point for her writing.


Civil rights for me, are the equal entitlements every human being possesses. This includes Latinos, gays, feminists, Asians and their unalienable rights, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Ann doesn’t even know what that means. She states that civil rights are only for blacks “because we owe them something”, this says a lot about her character. She doesn’t have the decency to know that these rights are not privileges – they’re rights- and to believe that people deserve to be treated equally only when they were once an enslaved people is illogical and inhumane.


Immigration is more than people moving from point A to point B. It’s a new future they bring to their new home. All races move to America on a daily basis, and all non-Native Americans currently living here are not indigenous to this continent, therefore by sheer definition they are immigrants, and Ann Coulter believes immigrants are owed nothing in the USA. Latinos are the fastest growing majority in this nation. We are already beginning to feel a legacy of our people. From the labor law reforms brought by Cesar Chavez to the various movie starts defining a generation on the silver-screen, the legacy of immigration won’t be simple statistics but concrete progress and a new generation of American leaders.


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